I. Educational Goals

Taipei Medical University aims to educate students with the following qualities when they graduate
AMedical expertise and skills

BHumanism quality

CService and team spirit

DCultivate a global vision

EInnovation and Flexibility

In order to meet the goals of school education, our four major education objectives of the department not only set guidelines and implementation steps for the purpose of establishing the school system, but also fulfill the five major education goals of our school.

Educational Goals of TMU

Educational Goals of Dentistry

Our mission

Medical expertise and skills


To cultivate a highly skilled dentist.

Humanism quality


To cultivate a dentist with human care.

Service and team spirit

Cultivate a global vision


To cultivate a dentist with international acadeemic view and be comtemporary.

Innovation and Flexibility


II. Education Ideal


A. To cultivate dentists with expertise, medical technology and humanism quality.
B. To cultivate specialist with research background or researcher of stomatology.


School of Dentistry

In teaching courses, students should be encouraged to actively participate in research projects, stimulate their interest in academic research and  enhance their willingness to pursue further studies upon graduation so as to foster more capable and self-improvement  dentists and to explore  potential Researchers to enhance academic research. 


School of Dentistry - Chairman


       The development of dentistry in the 21st century will greatly change the medical model to become "individualized or accurate medical treatment" due to medical breakthroughs in translation medicine and evidence medicine. The Department of Dentistry of Peking University will continue to reinforce its education in dentistry such as teaching, research, service, international and industrial production under the good leadership of its previous directors, and will be able to train dentists and dental educators and research professionals who can handle challenges in a unique and timely manner . In addition, we should cultivate empathy and social responsibility so as to benefit the people. Therefore, the development of dentist education, in addition to the combination of medicine and art, into their own professional ability, especially the need to focus on humanities and ethics, the implementation of "learning to be a good man to be a doctor" to achieve a win-win cure for the realm of medicine! Welcome students with this ambition to join the ranks of the Department of Dentistry. 18_32509780.jpg
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